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Dear Funeral Service Professional,

We invite you to use this section of our website to learn more about the many benefits and opportunities that await you as a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes. Our worldwide association is dedicated to the sharing of best practices and to serving client families with the highest level of compassionate care and professional integrity. If these also are important to you, we encourage you to learn more about Selected.

Membership in this prestigious association is by invitation only and is extended to worthy funeral homes through a referral- and grassroots-based recruitment and application process. Members agree to uphold the association's Code of Good Practice and to abide by the other requirements of membership.

Since membership is firm-based, once your funeral home is invited into membership, every individual on your staff is welcome to participate in the association. Each year, Selected offers numerous meeting and networking opportunities where members learn from each other through the exchange of ideas and proven best practices. Plus, an extensive range of services and benefits are available exclusively to Selected members.

There is a level of trust and loyalty within the membership of Selected that only the experience of membership can fully reveal. This is your opportunity to act toward becoming a part of this outstanding group, and we will strive to help you accomplish this goal.

Selected Independent Funeral Homes
1-800-323-4219 or 847-236-9917

What our members are saying

"One of my staff members participated in a Selected Connections program, and he came back just raving about the opportunity. Because he had all this material he brought back with him, he was able to share what he learned with our entire staff."

– Todd Lumbard., Regina, SK
Member firm Speers Funeral Chapel, Inc.

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