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Good Morning Selected Members, I'm looking for opinions on signs for two of our facilities that have recently gone through a name change. The owners were trying to design something that would catch someone's eye while driving down the street. They had an idea to add the time and temperature under the sign, that would be flashing, which will certainly grab attention. Does anyone have thoughts on this type of sign for a funeral home? As I personally have seen this on at least one funeral home sign, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Thoughts? If you don't like this idea, is there anything else you can suggest that will have an eye catching look?

Response 1

When we took over ownership and changed the name of the funeral home, we also wanted something eye catching. A local artist designed our sign by working with the local brick yard. He took the “green” brick and sculpted the logo into it. Each piece was numbered before firing the brick, so, when they brought it to assemble, they would have it correct. They also put spacers in while sculpting in order to simulate the spacing for the mortar.

Response 2

I believe your thoughts about the temperature sign flashing would not be something that I would subscribe to. We recently completed a major renovation and used Richard and Kurt from FAST SIGNS on Staten island 17182737002. Their work is professional and impeccable. I just spoke to Richard and he said they could help with the design but not installation. Perhaps he can recommend a local franchise. If you wish, I can take a photo of his work and e mail it to you or perhaps Richard can do the same. Good luck

Response 3

I am in favor of the sign. We have had a digital sign at one of our locations for the past 5 years. We act as an advertising arm for the community when an event or other important information needs to be advertised. Our entire sign is digital so we have enough size to be pretty creative.

Response 4

You are betraying your youthful age! Those of us who grew up in the 40's (and earlier) remember the days when few towns in America were without at least one funeral home clock. Many an owner from those days could tell stories of middle-of-the-night phone calls asking "could you look out your window and tell me what time it is?"

Your question, however, catches us in the same quandary...not with respect to clocks, but with respect to the overall design of signage for our soon-to-open new branch building. One place I've been looking is the following: It's a good place to start, anyway.

My frustration lies in wanting something different than merely two pillars and a board in-between, which seems to be the style for new construction of late in our area. We are also somewhat limited in space due to a set-back from the state highway along which our property extends.

Perhaps enough time has elapsed for funeral home clocks to make a come-back, flashing or not. I heard too many jokes about them as a kid, however, to want one now. At least I don't THINK I do (though I've been talked into and out of a lot of things during our year-long construction). I also don't want people thinking my building is a bank (which most funeral homes look like, anyway, and vice-versa). Nor do I even want to speculate on what sort of message today's generation might read into a funeral home clock. But then, what do I know!

It's a great question, even for long-standing locations looking for a new look. And I, too, would greatly appreciate examples of recent SIFH signage.

Thanks for the timely post.

Response 5

If you are going through a funeral home name "re-alignment", you should also consider making up new nameplates for your FUNERAL COACHES. We sent our new logo to a nameplate manufacturer several years, and they came up with just what we needed. Our nameplates are now much larger than the standard ones, but they CAN BE READ by traffic much easier.

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