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Has anyone had experience with any health concerns an embalmer in pregnancy should be aware of in the prep room with regard to pathogens or chemicals etc.? Any background info on your experience or research would be appreciated

Response 1

Yes we have been in a similar position. We worked on the basis that the employee needs to feel comfortable with being in the mortuary.

At a point on her pregnancy she felt uncomfortable and moved to Maternity leave, which in New Zealand means that the company must keep her job open for 12 months and of this 12 months the government pays 14 weeks wages to the employee.

In our case the employee decided not to return to work and resigned following the 14 weeks payment from the government. She had indicated to us that she would likely not return to work, so she was happy for us to start looking for a replacement for her.

From the company perspective: we are a small company operating 3 brands with 18 staff, it is always stressful as a faced with issues like this.

I trust this assists you in your position. Open and honest dialog is always helpful.

Response 2

In my experience working full time and carrying three children, I always wore a respirator when embalming. Later in the pregnancies it became impossible to stand on my feet for a long time. Open communication with my doctor was important too. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Response 3

All our embalming’s are done by myself and my sister, Mandy. I have two children and she has three. Both of us embalmed up to the point of having our babies, we did removals, etc. We both consulted our doctor about embalming. He was comfortable about continuing to work. Listen to your body, it will tell you when you’ve done too much. In the embalming room, just be smart. Wear your PPE’s like you’re supposed to (face shield and mask). Our kids range from 10 to 18 months. Please feel free to email me or my sister with any questions or concerns.

Blessings on your pregnancy!

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