The Family Follow-Up
Survey Program

Do You Know How Families Feel About Your Firm?

Family Follow-Up Survey Program

Successful businesses stay close to their customers by asking the right questions and listening to what is said. Selected's Family Follow-Up Survey Program provides you with the tools and reports you need to learn what families think about your firm, your people and the services you provide.

Using Selected's Family Follow-Up Survey Program will help you ask the right questions, assess what is being said, track the results and implement positive reinforcement among your staff, as well as facilitate any necessary improvements. In addition, by participating in the program, you will find out how your firm compares to other Selected members in terms of client family satisfaction.

The program is:

  • a no-cost benefit of your membership in Selected.
  • managed by Selected and facilitated by a third party research firm so families are more apt to respond and provide candid feedback.
  • easy for families to use—via printed survey or online questionnaire.
  • easy for you to monitor—access annual and monthly reports via your own private, online portal.
  • a simple way to meet the Selected membership requirement to survey families you serve each year.

Want to Learn More About the Program?

Read the Family Follow-Up Survey Program Q&A.
Find out how Selected members are using the program in their businesses.
Learn about the reports that participants receive each year and view the 2013 summary report.
Download the program brochure.

Ready to Start Using the Program?

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Program questions can be directed to Donna Anderson or Denise Zoephel via email or at 1-800-323-4219.

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