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Five Reasons Your Firm
Should Complete the
Management Comparative Survey

Weathering these current times can be a daunting task. Everywhere you turn these days the discussion usually reverts to the challenging economy and what is being done to respond to these conditions.

When the Management Comparative Program was revamped, it provided North American Selected members with a tremendous opportunity to discover the factors that affected their short-term and long-term financial performance. Participating firms were also provided with valuable information they could use to help pinpoint their strengths as well as areas that may be in need of evaluation.

If you haven't participated in the program for a while, you may want to give it another look. The program has been expanded and enhanced to help your firm focus in on the areas of financial management, strategic planning, human resources, marketing and more. Selected members combined with financial experts helped to create the survey tool which captures the key data needed for the comprehensive management report that Selected members receive free of charge when they participate in this program. In addition, the report your firm receives is packed with practical information that you can put into place immediately to help solve your everyday challenges and it can also be very helpful for long-term financial and operational planning.

Take a look at a few more reasons why your firm should participate in the Management Comparative Program:

1. Expanded Definitions Makes Your Survey Easier to Complete

Based on members' feedback, the survey tool has been enhanced and the definitions have been expanded and clarified. The tool is broken out into four easy-to-complete areas covering case volume, statistical, revenue and expense information. Most of the information can be taken from your current financial documents or in some cases your accounting firm can provide you with much of the data. For those firms working with Johnson Consulting Group or Federated Funeral Directors of America, they can also assist you in completing your firm's survey.

2. Providing Your Data Has Never Been Easier

The survey tool can either be completed using the printed version or you may use the online version by clicking here or on the button below. For the online version, if the key contact for the firm is busy, they can now authorize another staff member to complete the tool online by informing Selected Headquarters. This gives your firm yet another option for submitting data.

3. Your Firm Receives a Comprehensive Management and Operational Report...Free!

By completing the survey, your firm will receive a comprehensive management and operational report that not only depicts your firm's information but also compares your firm's statistical and financial performance to other Selected firms with similar case volume, geographic location and population density. Your data is presented in several ways including easy-to-follow charts and graphs accompanied by narrative explanation.

4. New Report Added! Benchmarking Report Provides Your Firm Data for Multiyear Strategy Planning

Newly added to the Management Comparative Program, all firms who participated the previous year will be able to see that data as well as the data submitted this year in a one-page document. This report can be used to benchmark annual performance as well as help you with multiyear strategy planning.

In addition, this one-page report is provided in an Excel format, so there is a ton of flexibility. You can use this information as is or it can be incorporated for use in other management reports as needed.

5. There is No Fee for Your Firm to Participate in This Program

As a benefit of your membership in Selected, there is no fee to participate in the Management Comparative Program and there is no charge for your customized reports. This valuable information is at your fingertips and all you need to do is complete the survey tool to receive your reports.

Contact Denise Zoephel at 1-800-323-4219 with any questions or to discuss this value-added member benefit in more detail.

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– Anon.., Belmont, NC
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