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Organized by grassroots member volunteers and board members, Group Roundtable Meetings are traditionally one-day discussion sessions that are arranged at convenient/central locations within a Group.

  • Allow members to identify and discuss issues unique to their geographic area.
  • Give members an opportunity to develop relationships with other nearby members.
  • Serve as a source for new member recruitment by allowing qualified non-member guests to attend and experience Selected’s culture.
  • Create a bridge between the grassroots membership and the leadership and staff. Group Roundtable Meetings are an opportunity for Board Members and/or Headquarters Staff in attendance to become more aware of regional issues, so they can improve service to members. Board Members and/or Headquarters Staff also can get feedback on Selected’s performance and effectiveness and can then bring that feedback to the attention of the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors. Board Members also use what they learn from Group sharing to best represent their Group during Board meetings.

Want to Host a Group Roundtable Meeting?

We would value having you as a host. Contact your Group Board Member or Stefanie Favia for information on how to get started.

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