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A key benefit of your membership is the opportunity to receive, at no additional cost, a comprehensive, 30-page Management Comparative Program Report that analyzes your firm's data and then compares your firm's financial performance to other Selected firms with similar annual case volumes, geographic location and population density. Data is collected via a survey that is open annually from April through July, with reports distributed to members in August.

How Do I Submit My Firm's Survey?

You can mail or fax your survey to Headquarters by downloading and completing the hardcopy version of the survey, or you can complete it online by clicking here. Submission Deadline is July 7, 2014.

If submitting the report online, you will be asked to log in, but please note that you will only be granted access if you are the Key Contact at your firm, or if you have been given special authorization. The Key Contact can easily authorize anyone at your firm by contacting Donna Anderson via email or calling 1-800-323-4219.

Program Highlights

Your Firm Receives a 30-Page Report
By completing the survey, your firm receives a comprehensive report featuring easy-to-follow charts and graphs with helpful and pertinent narrative explanation.

Bonus Benchmark Report
You also will receive a Benchmark Report that shows a snapshot of your firm's data, as well as your firm's historical data if you have participated in prior years. The Benchmark Report can be used for monitoring, evaluation and strategic planning efforts.

Easy to Complete Either on Your Own or with Your Accounting Firm
Most of the survey information can be taken from your current financial documents or by contacting your accounting firm. Clients of Federated Funeral Directors of America or Johnson Consulting Group can simply contact them as they already know what is needed.

Discover Trends
Review analysis of combined data from past years to learn about trends among Selected member firms. Click here to see report highlights.


Please contact Selected Headquarters at 1-800-323-4219 for more information or assistance.

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