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Management Comparative Program Analysis Highlights

Each year, firms that complete the Management Comparative Survey receive their own report with the firm's information alongside a comparison to other Selected firms with similar case volume, geographic location and population density. In addition, Selected releases highlights from the total analysis of all firms' data. Below is a summary of past years' analysis.

2017 Analysis of the 2016 Fiscal Year

  • At-need burials comprised 45.8% of total cases, down again from last year. The cremation rate on average is up 3.7%, continuing a multi-year trend.

  • Average revenue per case in 2016 climbed to $6,048 from $5,636 in 2015. Expenses also increased on a per-case basis from $5,101 in 2015 to $5,400. Despite the increase in expense, net income was buoyed by rising revenue with net income per case up to $647 in 2016 from $535 the year prior.

  • Preneed contracts turned at-need comprised 23.2% of average case volume in 2016, up from 20.5% in 2015. The average preneed contract sale increased to $6,300 from $6,244. Total average preneed shortfalls declined to $67,510 in 2016 from $93,123 in 2015. This figure has shown some volatility, in 2014 total average shortfalls were $76,715 and in 2013 the figure was $82,113.

What people are saying about Selected members

"The overall service given to us was superior in every way. They go out of their way to serve you in a professional and kindly manner. Our funeral director was sympathetic, kind and professional. At times like that, you need someone of his character to lead you. I felt safe and I knew he was honest in his dealings."

– R.L.., Seguin, TX
Served by member firm Tres Hewell Mortuary

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