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Management Comparative Program Analysis Highlights

Each year, firms that complete the Management Comparative Survey receive their own report with the firm's information alongside a comparison to other Selected firms with similar case volume, geographic location and population density. In addition, Selected releases highlights from the total analysis of all firms' data. Below is a summary of past years' analysis.

2017 Analysis of the 2016 Fiscal Year

  • At-need burials comprised 45.8% of total cases, down again from last year. The cremation rate on average is up 3.7%, continuing a multi-year trend.

  • Average revenue per case in 2016 climbed to $6,048 from $5,636 in 2015. Expenses also increased on a per-case basis from $5,101 in 2015 to $5,400. Despite the increase in expense, net income was buoyed by rising revenue with net income per case up to $647 in 2016 from $535 the year prior.

  • Preneed contracts turned at-need comprised 23.2% of average case volume in 2016, up from 20.5% in 2015. The average preneed contract sale increased to $6,300 from $6,244. Total average preneed shortfalls declined to $67,510 in 2016 from $93,123 in 2015. This figure has shown some volatility, in 2014 total average shortfalls were $76,715 and in 2013 the figure was $82,113.

What people are saying about Selected members

"I wanted to thank the funeral directors for their handling of the funeral. They took care of everything from beginning to end without any of us having to think about anything but our love for our father. They were very attentive to the family. It was a very dignified funeral."

– A.J.., Carlisle, PA
Served by member firm Hoffman Funeral Home & Crematory

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