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Management Comparative Program Analysis Highlights

Each year, firms that complete the Management Comparative Survey receive their own report with the firm's information alongside a comparison to other Selected firms with similar case volume, geographic location and population density. In addition, Selected releases highlights from the total analysis of all firms' data. Below is a summary of past years' analysis.

2015 Analysis of the 2014 Fiscal Year

  • At-need funerals comprised 49.7% of total cases, down slightly from last year. The cremation rate on average is up approximately 2% but remains constant at 37% for the median reported.

  • The number of hours utilized per case increased by 3%. Payroll and related benefits are the largest percentage of a firm’s expenses and need to be monitored closely.

  • The number of preneeds serviced remained steady while the number of new preneed funded contracts sold rose by 9%. This indicates more Selected firms are reaching the consumer with the advanced planning benefits message this year.

What people are saying about Selected members

"Most meaningful to me was the home-town feel of the funeral home and the kindness and compassion of the staff—they were professional yet warm. Absolutely nothing could have been done to improve their service; they met my expectations on every level. Our funeral director was wonderful, making everything easy and uncomplicated for me."

– S.H.., Elk River, MN
Served by member firm Dare's Funeral Service

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