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Membership Benefits


Without question, the greatest value we can offer to our members is our members themselves. In order to foster relationships and sharing of best practices, Selected organizes numerous meeting opportunities throughout the year. Click here to learn more about the meetings we offer.

The Forum at Selected

The Forum offers a convenient way for members to ask questions, express opinions and offer ideas. This email- and web-based system allows participants to benefit from the experience and knowledge of their colleagues. Click here to view a sample of Forum conversations.

Selected Transfer Services

This program provides a network of Selected member firms who are committed to offering quality, efficient and timely transfer, embalming and cremation services, at a reduced rate. Click here to learn more about Selected Transfer Services.

Family Follow-Up Survey Program

A valuable opportunity to obtain feedback from client families, Selected's turn-key survey program provides everything you need to monitor your firm's performance and determine areas for improvement. Click here to learn more about the Family Follow-Up Survey Program.

Selected Study Groups

These volunteer-run, intensive learning groups are each composed of a small number of members with the desire for in-depth improvement of their businesses and service to the public. Click here to learn more about Selected Study Groups.

Selected Leadership Academy

The Selected Leadership Academy is a two-year program designed to hone leadership skills. Click here to learn more about the Leadership Academy.

Management Comparative Program

This program provides the data you need to help you evaluate your business operations. Reports provide operating ratios, sales analysis, cost data and other important and confidential information from participating member firms on an annual basis. Click here to learn more about the Management Comparative Program.

Printed and Electronic Communications

Members learn about Selected and the independent funeral service profession through our electronic communications, as well as our bi-monthly magazine, The Bulletin. Click here for more information on Selected News.

Selected Resources

Designed to strengthen your position as a leader in your community and to help you grow and succeed, Selected Resources provides products, preferred partners and support exclusively to members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes. Click here to learn more about Selected Resources.

Best Practices Exchange

This searchable, ever-growing knowledgebase contains useful ideas, best practices, relevant information and successful programs originally shared at meetings, contributed by members and published by Selected. This benefit requires members-only web access which is granted upon your firm's membership.

Additional Benefits

Enjoy exclusive territories, an in-house general counsel available to answer questions, and the use of the rich resource that is this website, including members-only content. We also offer special NextGen Opportunities for younger Selected members.

What our members are saying

"Selected's meeting programming is driven by the members, making the programs current and providing exactly what we need to help us run our businesses and understand issues that we need to know."

– Paul St. Pierre., Kokomo, IN
Member firm Ellers Mortuary

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