Mission, Values & Vision Statements

Approved December 13, 2011

Our Mission

Delivering innovative and pertinent resources, solutions and ongoing support necessary for enduring excellence to our international network of independently owned death-care providers.

Commentary: Members of Selected are independent death-care firms who aspire to be the very best in their profession. In this effort they are highly focused on achieving certain, strong and sustained success, in meeting the needs of individuals, families and communities they serve. These firms find greater interest in Selected's deliberate approach: providing guidance, exposure and access to essential - timely - relevant – and forward looking tools, programs and practices; mechanisms that foster focused development and distinct growth.

Our Values

To our members and between our members
Honoring the entrepreneurial spirit and generational values
Learning & Development
An open environment of dynamic learning, sharing and growth: where all members are both students and teachers
In our programs, in our members, in our profession

Commentary: While there are many values that help guide our daily actions and represent our ideals, it is these values that embody the full range of what we represent as our unshakable foundation. Our most powerful organizational stories center on and are best summed up in these values and statements. They provide our direction and engender aspiration toward ever fuller achievement.

Our Vision

The resource: premier independent death-care providers rely on for support in achieving best practice performance and recognized leadership in

  • service to families and their satisfaction
  • dynamic organizational growth and development
  • sustained success through exceptional capabilities

Commentary: To succeed today as described here, resources and networks enabling innovation, development and growth are needed. Our focus is to be recognized for unsurpassed delivery of these keys to business success. The foremost independently-owned firms worldwide all understand over time that the key for competing to succeed over the long term is an ability to act based on such capability. We will continue to grow as more of these leading independent firms develop this recognition and seek an invitation to join us.

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