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Through your participation in the Have the Talk of a Lifetime campaign, you will help people in your community discover unique life stories of the people who matter most to them. Efforts continue to be made and word about the Have the Talk of a Lifetime consumer education campaign is spreading quickly through extensive marketing, advertising and communications. 

The holidays offer the ideal time for consumers to have these discussions

New statistics continue to be updated on campaign activity. Visit the links below to view more.  

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The campaign scope is national, but we know that you as a Selected firm will benefit most by translating the message to the local level. The campaign empowers you to share and expand on the value of memorialization, bringing the message home to families in your local community who are ready to Have the Talk of a Lifetime.


Through your participation, you help people in your community discover the unique life stories of those who matter most to them. These discussions can help families and friends make important decisions about how they wish to remember and honor the lives of their loved ones. Most importantly, you will help them understand the important role you play in the funeral and memorialization process.


Positioning your firm as the “go to” in your community means taking a few strategic steps. FAMIC has created a comprehensive collection of tools to make participation simple, convenient and effective. There are many ways for your firm to get involved, but if you have limited time, here are the top four action items:

  1. Understand the Campaign.
    Start by watching the Have the Talk of A Lifetime Video. This three-minute video offers a quick snapshot of the campaign, what it is and the value it provides to both consumers and to your firm. Show the video at your next staff meeting and make sure everyone on your team knows about the campaign. This video is the best training tool of all.

  2. Be Found.
    Be part of the Find a Funeral Professional Database. This helps consumers find your firm! Access the Talk of a Lifetime logo and instructions on how to place the logo an identification widget and link onto your firm’s website. Forward these items to your website support person and tell them to follow the instructions as soon as possible.

  3. Be Prepared.
    Access the Consumer Booklet and Workbook.
    Both the Booklet and the Workbook can be downloaded here. You will also want to order a supply of both items, customized with your own logo, to distribute in your community. Have your staff become familiar with both pieces so they are prepared to discuss it with anyone who might need some assistance.

  4. Select a Firm Liaison.
    We recommend you assign someone on your staff who can serve as a liaison between the campaign, the funeral home staff and the public. This individual should visit the FAMIC website and review and download the professional resources available to help your firm meet the needs of consumers in your market.
    Here is your login information:
    Username: famic
    Password: campaign

To help you get started we’ve included a handful of the most popular resources below. If you have suggestions for new items or questions on the campaign, please email Rob Paterkiewicz.

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Talk of a Lifetime
Donor Recognition

To date, nearly $2 million dollars have been raised to pay for the much-needed marketing and communication efforts necessary to spread the word about the Have the Talk of a Lifetime Campaign. Every dollar raised is critical. Please join Selected in recognizing the following donors for their generous and helpful contributions:

$500,000 - $999,999
National Funeral Directors Association

$250,000 - $499,999
Funeral Service Foundation

$100,000 - $249,999
National Guardian Life

$50,000 - $99,999

$25,000 - $49,999

$10,000 - $24,999

  • Carmon Family and Carmon Community Funeral Homes
  • Graham J. Cook
  • Doric Products Inc.
  • Federated Mutual Insurance Company
  • Heritage Club
  • Robert G. Horn
  • Iowa Funeral Directors Association
  • Live Oak Bank
  • Louisiana Funeral Directors Association
  • Massachusetts Funeral Directors Association
  • William Battle McQueen
  • Myers Mortuary/Shaun & Richard Myers
  • New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association
  • Steve and Julia Shaffer
  • The Signature Group
  • Tennessee Funeral Directors AssociationHave The Talk Button
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