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Academy Dean

Selected Leadership Academy

Academy Dean Marguerite Ham 

ham-webThe Selected Leadership Academy is overseen by Academy Dean Marguerite Ham. Marguerite has been a corporate trainer since 1989. She gives more than 150 presentations a year to organizations such as Continental Airlines, Lucent Technologies, Bell Canada, FDIC and associations worldwide. She is known for her highly energetic, entertaining, customized and content-rich presentations in the fields of memory, coaching and leadership development. Marguerite has been an executive coach for nearly 15 years, guiding executives and entrepreneurs to discover their authentic path of success while being in alignment with their values and goals as well as those of their organizations to reach their highest potential.

She is the author of:

  • Total Recall (audio series)
  • How to Remember Anything in 60 Minutes or Less
  • How to Remember "What's His Name"?


Marguerite lives in Elizabeth, Colorado, with her significant other, Gary Villani. Her animal family: Samantha (dog,) Lilac & Edgar (cats) and Athena & Zeus (horses.) She rides competitively in dressage. Marguerite lost her beloved son, Matthew, at the age of 20 on March 10, 2011. She has since established a non-profit organization, Eye of the Storm to honor his memory and educate young adults and parents about the dangers of the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs.

Some of her programs include:

  • Total Recall – Learn to remember what you hear, read and people's names!
  • Igniting the Authentic Leader Within – Leadership is leadership no matter where you go or what you do and the best leaders never stop learning!
  • Priority Shuffle – Task management strategies that guarantee success.
  • Coaching For Today's Leaders – learn about the most effective management model in business today...coaching.
  • Wisdom of the Wolves – An interactive team building event that engages team members and creates opportunities for growth, learning and communication.
  • Customer Love - This program will focus on unique and exceptional ways to serve your customer. Customer service is not a's an attitude!
  • Harvard Business Curriculum - Assess, develop and increase your managerial skills in eight different areas with this two-day intensive!