2014 Annual Meeting Agenda

* Open to Selected members and invited guests only.
** Open to applicable Selected members only.


8:00a–5:00p Individual Selected Study Group Fall Meetings**
Various Meeting Rooms
8:30a–6:30p Registration Desk Open
Second Floor Foyer
8:30a–11:00a Selected Study Group New Participant Orientation**
USS Olympia
11:30a–1:30p Selected Study Group Luncheon**
Grand Ballroom A/B
5:00p–6:00pReception for New Members, First-Time Participants & International Members**
Columbus Ballroom
6:00p–9:00p Welcome Reception/Dinner*
Columbus Ballroom


7:15a–8:30a Past Officers’ Breakfast**
Riverview B (Third Floor)
7:30a–8:30a Spouses of Past Officers’ Breakfast**
Riverview A (Third Floor)
8:00a–3:45p Registration Desk, Continuing Education and Preferred Partners Displays Open
Second Floor Foyer
8:45a–10:15a Opening Session
Grand Ballroom A/B
Volume Breakout Session: Up to 300*
Columbus Ballroom B/C
Volume Breakout Session: 301–750*
Grand Ballroom A/B
Volume Breakout Session: 751 or More*
Riverview A/B (Third Floor)
Noon–1:00p Lunch*
Grand Ballroom C/D
1:15p–3:15p Seminar: Funeral Service in 2020 and Beyond
Grand Ballroom A/B
Seminar: Catalyst for Growth: Getting from Vision to Execution
Columbus Ballroom B/C
3:30p–4:30p Planned Giving: How to Ensure Your Legacy (Selected Educational Trust Session)
Columbus Ballroom A
6:00p–7:30p Optional Group Receptions and/or Dinners*
Various Locations


7:00a–8:15a Early Bird Open Discussion Session*
Columbus Ballroom A/B
7:30a–8:45a Breakfast Buffet*
Grand Ballroom C/D
8:00a–4:15p Registration Desk, Continuing Education, Internet Café and Preferred Partners Displays Open
Second Floor Foyer
8:45a–10:45a Seminar (repeat): Funeral Service in 2020 and Beyond
Grand Ballroom A/B
Seminar (repeat): Catalyst for Growth: Getting Vision to Execution
Columbus Ballroom B/C
& 6:30p–9:30p
Selected Educational Trust Silent Auction
Columbus Ballroom A & Independence Seaport Museum (Next Door)
11:00a–Noon Association Update*
Grand Ballroom A/B
12:15p–1:30p Luncheon with Entertainer*
Grand Ballroom C/D
1:45p–3:45p Sell Value—Not Just Pricing!
Grand Ballroom A/B
6:30p–10:30p Selected Educational Trust Fundraising Gala
Independence Seaport Museum (Next Door)


7:15a–8:15a Breakfast Buffet*
Grand Ballroom C/D
8:00a–Noon Registration Desk and Continuing Education Open
Second Floor Foyer
8:15a–9:00a Closing Session
Grand Ballroom A/B
9:15a–10:30a Showcase: The Best Practices Competition
Grand Ballroom A/B
10:45a–11:45a Showcase: The Selected Leadership Academy
Grand Ballroom A/B

Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn's Landing, Second Floor