Reputation and Performance Matter

Selected's Family Follow-Up Survey Program helps you address both by easily and effectively measuring family feedback while providing tools to capture critical performance data. Surveys track seventeen key operating characteristics and provide open-ended response options, so families can offer specific feedback beyond the scope of the standard questions. Extensive reporting supports your staff management efforts to ensure a high-performing team.

How it Works

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By signing up, you will receive 100 free customized survey sets, each including a survey form, postage-paid return envelope and cover letter. You distribute the forms. Families can complete the hardcopy or online survey. Completed surveys are documented and reported monthly on a private, secure online portal. You also will receive an annual report that includes benchmarking data with trend analysis and breakout information comparing your firm with other participating member firms.

You can supplement the program to:

  • Track Responses by Location
  • Track Responses by Arranger
  • Add Customized Questions
  • Order Additional Survey Sets
  • Receive Hardcopies of Reports and Surveys


Program questions can be directed to Donna Anderson or Denise Zoephel via emails or at 800-323-4219.

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Families Say Reputation, Previous Experience Critical Factors (2017 Summary Stats)

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