Family Follow-Up Survey Program
Question and Answer

What do I get when I sign up to participate in
Selected’s Family Follow-Up Survey Program?

When your firm signs up to participate in this program, you will receive 100 free survey sets, each one including a customized survey form, a postage-paid return envelope and a cover letter explaining the purpose of the survey to client families. You also will receive monthly reports which can be viewed in your firm’s private online portal, saved to your computer or printed out and shared with your management team and staff. This online portal also provides access to the comments provided by those you serve.

What if I want to survey more than 100 families?

You have the opportunity to order additional survey sets at a minimal cost so that all of your families can be surveyed. Please refer to the Order Additional Survey Sets section on the Order Form for details.

What if we have multiple locations?

You can break out results by location! Create separate accounts for any or all of your firm’s locations by completing the Create Additional Accounts section on the Order Form. You will receive 100 free survey sets and separated monthly and annual reports for each additional account purchased.

Can I get help distributing our surveys?

Yes! You can elect to have your surveys managed by our independent research firm for a fee. All you need to do is identify the families that need to be surveyed, and they will take care of sending out the survey sets. Please refer to the Get Survey Distribution Assistance section on the Order Form for details.

Can I add my own questions to the survey form?

For an additional fee, you can add three customized questions to the survey form. Responses will be included in your monthly and annual report. Please refer to the Add Customized Questions section on the Order Form for details. Please note that this option is available only at the beginning of the program year.

Can a family complete their survey online?

Yes! Each survey form includes instructions to either fill out and mail the hardcopy or, if they prefer, complete the survey online at using the unique login code on their survey form.

How will I receive the feedback from the families?

Completed surveys are compiled into a convenient, online report each month. Your firm’s designated program contact will receive a monthly email notification that a new report is ready for review on Selected’s Family Follow-Up Survey Program Response Portal.

This private online portal provides access to monthly reports for the past year, as well as the actual completed survey forms for the most recent three months. Reports and survey forms can be viewed online, saved to your computer or printed out.

If you prefer, you can have the monthly reports and surveys mailed to you for a minimal fee. Please refer to the Receive Hardcopies of Completed Surveys And Reports section on the Order Form for details.

Will I receive an annual report?

Yes. At the end of the program year, you will receive an extensive, customized annual report that includes an executive summary and detailed results on all survey responses. The comprehensive report provides breakout information, trend analysis and the ability to benchmark your firm’s performance with your peers in Selected.

What other feedback from Selected’s Family Follow-Up Survey Program will I receive?

Selected Headquarters will continue to observe feedback and will contact you if a less-than-favorable review is received. This is done to ensure that you are aware of the review and to verify that it is being addressed with both the family and funeral home staff.


Contact Donna Anderson or Denise Zoephel at 1-800-323-4219.

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