Selected Leadership Academy

The Selected Leadership Academy offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for members interested in developing leadership skills. Available exclusively to Selected members, the Academy promises to engage and grow participants through interactive conference calls, personal coaching calls and face-to-face experiences over a two-year structured curriculum. The Selected Board of Directors, Leadership Council, Headquarters Staff and Academy Dean Marguerite Ham are committed to offering the highest quality and most effective leadership training program possible.

Congratulations to Squigglution (2015-2017 class)!

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Contact Director of Meetings & Education Amy Hunt at or 800-323-4219.

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Capstone Presentations

As a final step in their journey, Academy members must present a Capstone presentation to fellow members and guests during their final Leadership Conference. Watch these videos for a taste of the diversity, creativity and inspiration shared by Starship Zen (2014-2016), JoHo Fives (2013-2015) and Undertaking Leadership (2012-2014).

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Watch the videos below to see Capstone Presentations in their entirety These were voted as the favorite Capstone by fellow Academy members and guests at the 2016, 2015 and 2014 Leadership Conference.

Are YOU a Leader?

Watch the video below to hear Academy Dean Marguerite Ham discuss why the Selected Leadership Academy is right for you.