Conversation Café

10:45 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. Central Time

How to Create Repeat Families for Your Funeral Home
Staying in touch and supporting grieving families after the service builds customer loyalty and creates repeat families at your funeral home. Ellery Bowker, Founder & CEO, will show you how to automatically reach out to families and create a consistent aftercare program without adding more work to your already busy schedule.

Solution For the New Normal
From personal interactions to business transactions, the COVID-19 pandemic has irreversibly altered how we communicate. ASD is on the forefront of developing mobile solutions that make it simpler to conduct business remotely. Learn how to utilize the latest technology to improve communications and handle business tasks from virtually anywhere.

How to Make the Latest Digital Technology Trends Work for You
In this fast-paced session, you’ll learn: what an always-online consumer expects from a modern funeral home; how to provide people with resources and service before they ever walk in your door; how artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve your business results; and how you can execute effective digital marketing in less time.

10 Things Every Funeral Home Needs on Their Website
Learn the exact steps the FrontRunner team takes to help their funeral home clients outrank and outperform competitors online. You’ll get access to the must-have tools that live on the most progressive funeral home’s websites and understand the things that really move the needle online. A special bonus gift will be given to every person in the live or virtual audience.

3:15 p.m. – 4 p.m. Central Time

The Keys to a Transparent Recycling Experience
Cremation Recycling will present the best tips for your post-cremation recycling program. Transparency, best ways to process, the fundamentals of recycling and more are all will be covered.

Lead Generation: The New Online Dating
Have you ever wondered how leveraging your digital brand to identify, reach, engage and capture leads is comparable to online dating? Learn how to get to know your audience as consumers, not just customers; build the right story based on when, where and how your audience needs it; and not only capture but keep your audience’s attention.

Financing Your Future
Investing in a business often requires extra capital to evolve your customer base, reach an untapped market, expand your physical location, or generate new streams of revenue. Learn about lending options for funeral home and cemetery businesses and access to capital to prepare for your future and reach your goals.

5 Mistakes Funeral Homes & Cemeteries Make with Today’s Consumers
We all see it – today’s consumers have different expectations. And most—if not all—firms have not adjusted to this new consumer mindset. MKJ Marketing’s Chief Strategy Officer, Courtney Gould Miller, will identify the five mistakes firms are making, especially with digital marketing, and how you can turn others’ mistakes into your opportunity.

10:45 a.m.- 11:30 a.m. Central Time

What Will and Will Not Work in 2022 for Getting More Cases
Join Welton Hong as he explains which strategies work best heading into 2022 to generate more at-need calls and higher revenue per call. He'll explain why you need a multichannel approach, why Google Ads provide excellent ROI, the "Google = at-needs / social media = preneeds" equation, and much more.

A Simple, Effective Approach to Cremation Arrangements
Join Steve Jones, Director of Cremation Merchandising, to learn a proven methodology for presenting cremation services and merchandise that results in more satisfied families and higher revenue. Steve is a leading authority on cremation merchandising and continues to train funeral arrangers on effective strategies for working with cremation families.

Lifting the Veil: The Inner Workings of High-Volume Cremation Businesses
Learn how some of the most successful cremation societies in the world differentiate themselves from the standard funeral home: how they process thousands of cases a year, how they maximize profits from smaller margins, and how they can still provide meaningful experiences with limited staff.

How Your Presence Online Should Adapt to Meet Today’s Families Where They Are
Consumers today make big decisions and expensive purchases without ever speaking with a human. Innovative companies are investing in tools to better educate and sell online. We’ll explore some practical examples of this and come away with simple changes that anyone can implement.