General Sessions:
Motivation and Innovation

All general sessions are offered both in person and on the virtual Zoom livestream.

Opening Session

This traditional kick off to the Annual Meeting includes the following.

Remembering Our Colleagues

Each year, Selected reflects and pays tribute to the members and others we’ve lost since the previous Annual Meeting.

Outgoing Officers’ Addresses

Outgoing Selected President, Josh Blake Outgoing Selected Board Chair, Robert Nunnaley

Outgoing Board Chair Robert Nunnaley (R) and President Josh Blake (L) will offer a review of the year as officers of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, recapping highlights and sharing insights on the important issues facing funeral service.

Keynote Address:
“Future-Proof Leadership Strategy: Stories, Not Statistics”

Leaders everywhere are scrambling to figure out how to lead, influence and impact such generationally diverse people in their businesses. It's been a struggle for decades, and the challenge is growing! Is there a practical solution? Absolutely!

Alyson Van Hooser understands that creating a deep connection is the foundation for success. To begin building an authentic connection with people of any generation, you must start with the stories, not the statistics. It's in a person's individual stories that we will find answers to exactly what motivates and drives them. Alyson’s presentation, “Stories, Not Statistics,” will reveal the only future-proof leadership success strategy that will bring your staff team closer together to help in your mission to best serve client families!

Alyson Van Hooser

Meet Alyson Van Hooser
Leaders and business professionals need help reframing and redefining leadership in today’s diverse, multi-generation workforce. Alyson Van Hooser is on a sold-out mission to show them the way. Tough beginnings taught Alyson the radical power of an ownership mindset – one that transforms the trajectory of personal lives and leadership careers. Earning rapid success in the food, retail and finance industries and as a City Councilwoman — all by the age of 30 — helped her discover the immense power that comes when leaders own the responsibility of truly understanding and intentionally connecting with the people they serve. Her books, “Level Up” and “Accelerate Your Success,” as well as her podcast, “Stake: The Leadership Podcast,” unveil powerful stories of lessons learned through struggles and practical strategies needed to be successful at home and at work.

General Session
“Brand Now: Scrappy Ideas for How To Stand Out in a Crowded World and What To Do Next”

With the rise of digital media, you’d think it’d be easier than ever to be heard. Yet most messages — especially marketing messages — fail to cut through the clutter in our crowded, distracted world. To stand out today, you have to start with your brand. But the rules of brand building have changed. With billions of users on Facebook and millions of teens creating and consuming content on Snapchat, Instagram and Tik-Tok, innovative social media and engaging new forms of content continue to dominate our marketing landscape.

During this insightful and engaging session, Nick Westergaard will outline his seven Brand Now dynamics: meaning, structure, story, content, community, clarity and experience. Nick will share how you can use these dynamics with the latest tools to build a standout brand. You’ll learn how to foster deeper connections with the client families you serve, while continuing to meet their needs.

Nick Westergaard

Meet Nick Westergaard
Nick Westergaard is a strategist, speaker, author and educator. As Chief Strategist at Brand Driven Digital, he’s spent his career building standout brands at organizations of all sizes — from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, to President Obama’s Jobs Council. As a lecturer at the University of Iowa’s Tippie College of Business, he teaches students and professionals how to craft standout presentations that drive action. Nick is the author of “Brand Now” and “Get Scrappy,” a contributor to the Harvard Business Review and a TEDx speaker coach. He is a go-to source for the press, including US News & World Report, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Mashable and more. As host of the popular “On Brand” podcast and a sought after speaker, Nick’s work helps those struggling to stand out in our crowded, distracted world.

Futures Session

“Funeral Service in the Future”

Craig Meehan, ASD Ashley Montroy, Frontrunner Professional Zack Garbow, Funeral Innovations Eric Layer, McKee Wallwork + Co. Tyler Anderson, Precoa

The past two years have brought immense change to funeral service at, arguably, an unprecedented pace. While the pace may slow, change will continue. From holograms, virtual reality and responsive AI to targeted marketing plans, merchandising models and omnichannel thinking, this enlightening session is certain to get you thinking. Five experts (pictured L-R), including Craig Meehan of ASD; Ashley Montroy of Frontrunner Professional; Zack Garbow of Funeral Innovations; Eric Layer of McKee Wallwork + Co.; and Tyler Anderson of Precoa, will offer their perspectives and predictions on what the future may hold for funeral service. Buckle up and hold on tight as we explore what you and your firm may be facing and embracing in the next decade to meet the evolving needs of your client families.

Membership Business Session

2022-2023 Board President Byron Calhoun 2022-2023 Board Chair Al Asta

This session features updates about the Selected Educational Trust and other timely information. It also highlights the service of the Selected Board of Directors, including the following:

  • Outgoing Officers’ Recognition
  • Installation of Incoming Board Members and Officers
  • Incoming Officers' Addresses
    • 2022-2023 Board Chair Al Asta (R) and President W. Byron Calhoun (L) will provide their views of funeral service and outlook for the Association for the coming year.