Member Expectations

Member candidates must agree to adhere to the following membership requirements.

  • To comply at all times with the Code of Good Practice and to place a copy of the code in the possession of a representative of all parties with whom we arrange funerals.
  • To abide by and support the constitution and by-laws of the association, including the purposes and objectives as expressed in Article II of the constitution.
  • To observe at all times the standards of membership prescribed in Article III of the constitution.
  • To actively participate in the association's programs and services as the Board of Directors may deem essential to the advancement of the organization.
  • To use the symbol of Selected Independent Funeral Homes to identify our firm as a member, including the use of said symbol on all stationery, local printed media advertising and other items as are utilized to contact the public.
  • To publicly display our membership by using the appropriate symbols on plaques, certificates, signs and other media material.
  • To attend, or to designate a representative to attend, at least one official meeting of Selected Independent Funeral Homes within any given two year period.
  • To pay membership dues and to pay such additional amounts as may be prescribed by the Board of Directors in accordance with Article II, Section 2b of the by-laws.
  • To participate in Selected's Family Follow-up Survey Program or provide proof of participation in other family survey programs annually.
  • To file each year a form, to be provided by the Board of Directors an annual membership report setting forth the manner in which our firm observes membership requirements and complies with the Code of Good Practice.

What our members are saying

"Any time you can present to families and to the public what you stand for in terms of good practices and ethics is going to be a very positive reflection on your funeral home. That’s what makes Selected’s Code of Good Practice so important."

– Daniel Densow., Appleton, WI
Member firm Wichmann-Fargo Funeral Homes

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