NextGen Opportunities

Exclusively For Younger Professionals
and Those New to Funeral Service

NextGen LogoSelected Independent Funeral Homes has long recognized the contributions made by young funeral professionals to its member firms and funeral service as a whole. The association has countless stories from members who have built lifelong relationships with peers that can be traced back to a NextGen event (formally Under-Forty). As such, Selected actively encourages its younger members to participate in all aspects of the association through events and activities specifically targeted to them as well as general association programs. It's just another reason Selected membership is unique and valuable.

NextGen Special Interest Group

The NextGen Special Interest Group is geared toward Selected members who are under 50 years of age. The main goal of the program is to help connect young professionals with their counterparts throughout the world. This is accomplished by encouraging participation in face-to-face meetings as well as providing virtual interaction through the email discussion Forum and/or Facebook page.

Interested members are asked to fully complete your personal profile information or, if you do not have a username or password to Selected's website, provide your information by requesting a web user account. Members under 50 automatically will be enrolled. Or members can contact Headquarters to sign up.

NextGen Special Interest Group Opportunities

NextGen Special Interest Group members automatically are signed up to receive The Generator, an exclusive electronic newsletter designed to generate ideas, conversations and connections. They also are encouraged to participate in any or all of the other general NextGen oppportunities.

NextGen Professional of the Year

This award is designed to specifically spotlight career achievements, community/organization involvement and awards/achievements of funeral professionals under the age of 50. Click here for more information on the NextGen Professional of the Year Award.

NextGen Seminar

Selected's NextGen Seminar is geared towards younger funeral professionals, as well as those new to the profession. The seminar allows for ample free time to develop friendships and trusted contacts in addition to the structured educational sessions that offer valuable business and professional information.

Click here for material from past NextGen Seminars.