NextGen Professional of the Year

NextGen Professional of the Year Award

Nominations for the 2019 Professional of the Year Award Are Closed

The NextGen Professional of the Year Award is designed to recognize the career accomplishments and community/organization involvement of funeral professionals under the age of 50. For years, the members of Selected's NextGen Group have proven that there are many talented and engaged funeral professionals in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The NextGen Professional of the Year Award is offered to honor their efforts.

The winner of the Award receives complimentary registration to the next NextGen Seminar and a stunning crystal award, presented during a ceremony at the meeting.

The winner of the 2019 Award will be announced during a ceremony at the 2019 NextGen Seminar, held January 27-31 in Turks and Caicos.

Check back this summer to download a nomination packet for the 2020 Award.

Congratulations to 2018 Award Winner Reid Trimble!

Reid Trimble

Reid Trimble is a licensed funeral director and the Treasurer of Trimble Funeral Homes and Crematory in Moline, IL. Since joining the firm in 2004, Reid has spearheaded numerous projects that have touched all aspects of the firm. “I am extremely impressed with all Reid has accomplished for his family’s firm. His innovation is truly an asset for our entire profession,” said one judge on the Professional of the Year Award panel. Recognizing the trend of rising cremation rates, Reid was solely responsible for establishing and marketing the Cremation Society of the Quad Cities in 2015 developed an ad campaign for “Worry-Free Cremation Care.” 

In 2014, Reid took the lead in developing the concept for Trimble Pointe, which now serves as the umbrella for ten brands. Reid was also responsible for all aspects of developing the bar at CityView Celebrations, the brand’s reception center, from designing the bar and lounge, to securing a liquor license and hiring bartenders and servers. 

In 2017, Reid was named “Manager of the Year” by Veterans Funeral Care in recognition of his dedication to programs that support veterans. Reid was a national Board Member for Operation Toy Soldier, which brought in over 500 toys to the funeral home to be distributed to children of deployed and non-deployed Military. Reid also instituted the Retire Your Flag Program at the firm, which has collected over 1200 flags. Last year, Reid partnered the firm with a local TV station and grocery chain to bring Operation Honor Guard, a nonprofit dedicated to funding Honor Guards across the country, to the Quad Cities. 

Reid has also been very involved in the Illinois Funeral Directors Association (IFDA). He served as Regional Director from 2008 through 2013 and participated in a full restructuring of the association, along with a website and logo redesign. 

Reid has set standards for the entire staff team to ensure consistent care is provided and has established a reputation in the community as a caring funeral director. “He sincerely shows his concern for the families he serves, a trait he inherited from both grandmothers, one a funeral director and one a social worker,” says Reid’s father, Eric Trimble. 

Reid is the proud father of four young children, including a 2-month-old. When not at the firm, most of Reid’s time is spent with his wife and children, including coaching Dad’s Club baseball, supporting Cub Scouts and dance class activities. Reid’s father, Eric, sums it up well. “Our staff respects him, clergy and other partners acknowledge him for his abilities, and more importantly, our families appreciate him for the caring service he gives them.”

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