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About the Program

Selected Study Groups brings together owners, future owners and officers to share real-world best practices and insightful analysis to help each other improve their businesses and lives.

You will have the opportunity to gain new perspectives and quickly uncover solutions that positively impact your firm. Group members inspire each other, work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues and help each other reach their goals through:

  • Two in-person meetings per year: one in the spring at a destination of your Group's choosing and one at Selected Study Groups Day, held each fall in conjunction with Selected's Annual Meeting.
  • Group conference calls
  • One-on-one support from your Accountability Partner
  • In-depth analysis of your firm's financial performance using tools and services designed to maximize take-away value
  • Monthly newsletter showcasing thought-provoking articles and critical trends
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Full-time support from Selectedís Headquarters Staff

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Contact Denise Zoephel, Assistant Executive Director, or Dan Beavers, Member Programs Coordinator, at 800-323-4219 with questions or comments.

Best Practices
Best Practices

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Member Testimonials

Watch these videos to see the life-changing impact your Selected Study Group will have on you.

Nancy Keil, Company B

John Greco, Game Changers

Kim Farris-Luke, Windy G