Selected Study Groups

What Is It?

Selected Study Groups brings together owners, future owners and officers to share real-world best practices and insightful analysis to help each other improve their businesses and lives.

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How Will It Help Me?

By joining a Selected Study Group, you gain a team of experts who understand your challenges and can help you with crucial decisions. When you need feedback from people with your best interest at heart, it will be just a phone call or email away.

Financial Improvement. You will complete the Statistical and Financial Analysis Tool, an in-depth look at your firm’s financial, case volume and labor data. Participants work to address the findings with their Group.

Operational Strategy.You will devote extensive time to identifying and addressing operational challenges within your firm. Benefit from candid feedback, voices of experience, and proven best practices to help each firm maximize its service to the community.

Valuable Meetings. You will meet in the spring for an intensive, multi-day discussion of finance, goals, the state of funeral service and more. Some Groups visit each other’s firms to provide feedback on facilities and procedures, while others choose destinations such as Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Fall meetings are held at the site of Selected’s Annual Meeting and include the exclusive All-Groups Luncheon featuring a keynote speaker and Best Practice Exchange. You will gain new ideas and practical suggestions to implement at your firm right away.

Expert Guests. You will have access to Preferred Partners who can share their knowledge with your Group on a variety of topics.

Exclusive eNews. Participants receive the monthly Study Groups eNews, an exclusive email newsletter with business tips, important reminders and professional opportunities. Click here to view a small preview.

Want to Talk About It?

Contact Denise Zoephel or Dan Beavers at 800-323-4219 with questions or comments.

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Member Testimonials

Watch these videos to see the life-changing impact your Selected Study Group will have on you.

Ron Cook II, Trendsetters

Peggy Cirocco, F-Troop

Robert Nunnaley, Group Sea