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Selected Transfer Services (STS) provides members with a network of Selected member firms who are committed to offering each other timely, efficient, and quality service in transfer, embalming and cremation, at a reduced rate.

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Trust that you are working with fellow Selected members who share your standards of good practice and commitment to provide the very best service to all client families.

STS Partners with Eagle’s Wings Air

STS has partnered with Eagle’s Wings Air (EWA) to help members provide each other and their families the very best in transfer services. When you need a funeral home you can trust to help you with embalming, cremation or ground transport, call one of the Selected member firms who have chosen to become STS Agents. When a family’s loved one needs transport on a flight originating in the United States, trust the experts at EWA.

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The STS Resource Center

STS offers helpful documents such as sample embalming reports, satisfaction surveys, authorizations for shipping, discussions on best practices, and more.

You also can find guides on customizing your firm's listing and adding the STS firm search to your device's home screen. These resources are for both STS Agents and the firms who use their services.

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STS Quarterly

STS Quarterly is an exclusive eNewsletter for STS participants. Contents include mistakes to avoid, best practices, FAQs and more on the subject of shipping and transfer of human remains.

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