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Selected Transfer Services (STS) provides members with a network of designated Selected member firms who are committed to offering each other timely, efficient, and quality service in transfer, embalming and cremation, at a reduced rate.

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Member firms can trust that they are working with fellow Selected members who share the same standards of good practice and commitment to provide the very best service to all client families.

Selected Transfer Services Partners with Eagle’s Wings Air

STS has partnered with Eagle’s Wings Air (EWA) to help members provide each other and their families the very best in transfer services. When you need a funeral home you can trust to help you with embalming, cremation or ground transport, call one of the more than 260 Selected member firms who have chosen to become STS Agents. When a family’s loved one needs transport on a flight originating in the United States, trust the experts at EWA.

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Use the tools, resources and information here when transferring and receiving remains. These resources are for both STS Agents and the firms who use their services.

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USPS Shipping Guidelines for Cremated Remains

The United States Postal Service recently changed its shipping regulations for cremated remains. It no longer permits the shipping of cremated remains through Registered Mail, and now requires you to use Priority Mail Express service when shipping to a domestic address. Special "cremated remains" shipping tape is also now available to ensure your box is handled carefully and treated with the respect it deserves.

If shipping to an international address, you must first verify that shipping cremated remains is not prohibited by the destination country, which you can do by checking the Individual Country Listing in the Mailing Standards of the USPS International Mail Manual. Once you have verified that the country accepts cremated remains, you may use either Priority Mail Express International Service or First-Class Package International service using Registered Mail service, as long as the selected method is available in the destination country. Finally, you must complete the appropriate customs declaration form and indicate on the form that the package contains cremated remains.

You can find more information on packaging and shipping cremated remains on the USPS website at

If you have any questions about shipping cremated remains domestically or abroad, please contact Sarah Pojanowski, General Counsel, at or 800-323-4219.

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