Selected's Website

The three sections of this website are geared toward three different audiences, but all of them also serve current Selected members.

Families & Individuals

The pages within the families & individuals section contain information on: Coping With Loss; Reasons To Choose a Selected Funeral Home; Arranging a Funeral; The Value of a Funeral; Cultural and Religious Funeral Customs; Smart Consumer Information; and News & Additional Resources.

The pages within this section recently have been reorganized and search engine optimized to make the extensive content here even more accessible. We also recently reworked the website's homepage to emphasize these resources for the general public.

How does this help me as a Selected member? We know that the more people who find this website and are helped by it, the more people who will have a positive impression of Selected members. We also have placed a search bar at the top of every page in the Families & Individuals section so that visitors can easily find a local Selected member at any time. And, the content on these pages can be linked to on your own web page—this can not only boost your rankings with search engines but also provides additional information for visitors, prospects and client families.


This website provides pages and pages of tools and information for Selected members, including exclusive, password-protected content that only members can access—there almost is too much content to describe here! If you haven't done so already, we encourage you to explore the menus on the left of this page to look through all the site has to offer you as a member.

Prospective Members

This section, geared toward prospective Selected members, includes: information on the benefits of being a Selected member; the significance of "membership by invitation"; the requirements to which members are expected to adhere; the association's dues structure; and the official membership application booklet.

How does this help me as a Selected member? As Executive Director Rob Paterkiewicz wrote in an edition of The Bulletin news magazine, “Continued addition of top-quality members will help us all, as it ensures that our collaborative and non-competitive environment will continue on for generations to come." While the most important thing you can do when you've identified a prospective member is to facilitate a connection with Rob Paterkiewicz at Selected Headquarters, this section of the website can act as a great supplemental resource and has information that will assist you in talking to a prospective member about Selected.