Spam on the Forum

From time to time, a member who is part of our Forum may have their email accound hacked. When this happens, often the hacker will send messages to contacts in that member's address book, sometimes including the addresses associated with our Forums. When messages are sent to one of these email addresses from an approved member, they automatically are forwarded to everyone who is subscribed to receive messages from that Forum.

Having an email account hacked is something that can happen to anyone, and unfortunately there are few precautions we can take to guard against it. The good news is that emails sent this way tend to be harmless and in our case, infrequent.

Selected monitors messages that we believe to be spam and sends out notifications if there is reason to believe that any email sent to the Forum could pose a risk. We also advise you not to click any links or download any attachments if the body of any email you receive seems "fishy" to you, even if it appears to be from a contact you know and trust; it usually is fairly easy to determine if the message was sent by a hacker instead of a member, just by reading the content of the message.

Please contact Patty Neuswanger, Marketing & Communications Manager, at 800-323-4219 if you have any questions about spam on the Forum.