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One of the unique segments of our membership are the firms who operate both a funeral home and a cemetery. We also have members who are considering the purchase or development of a cemetery.

Selected supports these members by providing opportunities for them to share and learn from each other in various settings. Want more information or have something to share? Contact Denise Zoephel or call 800-323-4219.

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The Funeral Home + Cemetery Management Discussion Forum is for conversations among Selected members who own or manage combo operations or for those contemplating the purchase or development of a cemetery.

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October 2018
Larkin Sunset Gardens Tour and Networking Breakfast Featured at Annual Meeting

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We once again offer a special session and networking breakfast at this year's Annual Meeting at the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Salt Lake City, UT. 

On Friday, October 12, there will be a tour of Larkin Sunset Gardens, which is situated on 76 acres of lush green property in the south end of the Salt Lake valley. The Wasatch Mountains provide a majestic backdrop for a tour of Larkin's cemetery, mausoleum, French-style mortuary and chapel. In addition, members of the Larkin Mortuary team will showcase their floral shop, greenhouse reception center and monument design area. The tour will include ample time for questions/answers. 

On Saturday, October 13, please plan to join us for a networking breakfast and open discussion, which is quickly becoming a favorite of our combo owners and cemetery managers. Click here for meeting information.

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Sharing and learning from one another begins with connection. Now you can locate and connect with fellow Selected members who own combo operations by accessing the Combo Owner Roster. The roster includes both North American and international members and provides firm address, website and contact name with phone number and email address to facilitate communication among owners.

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Special Bulletin Editions

Check out these special Bulletin editions showcasing Selected Combo Owners who leverage creativity, years of operational experience and unique alternatives to traditional practices.

Click here to access these featured articles.

2017 Annual Meeting Recap: Cemetery Tour, Insightful Conversations Offer Fresh Perspectives

Selected members visited Graceland Cemetery to explore the art, architecture and landscape design in this active cemetery and arboretum. Designed by visionary landscape architects, Graceland serves as the final resting place to many prominent Chicago athletes, politicians, industrialists and others. Members also had a chance to share a meal and engage in informal discussion on relevant topics. Click here to see tour photos and our brightest minds at work.

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2016 Annual Meeting Recap

alternate textBill McReavy
alternate textLance Larkin

Selected members Bill McReavy, Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapel, MN and Lance Larkin, Larkin Mortuary, UT, shared what they are doing to market, promote, manage and grow their combo locations.

Selected Combo Owners Featured!

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Preferred Partner Tukios has created the web series called Funeral Cribs, showcasing funeral facilities with interesting properties and unique stories.

The first episode of Funeral Cribs was filmed at Selected member firm Larkin Mortuary in Salt Lake City, Utah. Click here to learn about how their funeral business has turned into a booming wedding business.

The second episode features Selected member firm Washburn-McReavy in MN. Click here to view the episode and see how they started out as a tiny furniture store on the banks of the Mississippi river and turned into a booming family business serving thousands of families each year.

The third episode features Selected member firm Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Centers in IN. Click here to see their beautiful facilities and to hear their story of serving families in various and unique ways over the years.


Here are some materials specifically for Combo Owners:

Do you have ideas or items to share with other Combo Owners or would you like to have your operation spotlighted? Please submit your tips and photos to Denise Zoephel by email.