2016 Family Follow-Up Survey Program
Summary Report

Families Choose Selected Firms for Reputation, Experience and Location

In April 2017, members using Selected's Family Follow-Up Survey Program received customized 2016 Summary Reports with 12 months of feedback from their client families.

358 Selected firms received a combined 12,000 surveys from March 2016 to February 2017. 299 client families completed their survey responses online, while 11,701 mailed their completed survey forms.

Members Show Improvement

The overall number of times a family reported being “somewhat dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” with an aspect of service decreased in 2016. Clarity of pricing and payment policy remains a concern, as does the need for firms to communicate value when discussing merchandise with families. As funeral providers increasingly seek to bolster revenue with increased merchandise sales, this message becomes crucial.

Advertising, Website, Price Lack Primary Influence

As in previous years, Selected members were chosen for reputation, previous family experience and location. Only 2% indicated advertising as a main reason for choosing the firm, and 2% indicated the firm's website as a main reason. Price was cited as a main reason for only 7% of families.

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