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Selected Independent Funeral Homes'
Guidelines When Transferring Human Remains

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the transferring and receiving member firms to verify a reasonable, mutually agreeable price in agreed-upon currency prior to contracting for services.
  2. The receiving member shall contact the transferring member to convey any special requests as to the care of the deceased.
  3. The transferring member shall notify the receiving member of any pertinent information including embalming complications, height, weight, conditions of deceased and any other concerns.
  4. All universally accepted embalming practices shall be employed to ensure adequate preservation and desired results.
  5. The body shall be washed, properly bathed and disinfected.
  6. If necessary, plastic garments shall be used to ensure the prevention of unnecessary leakage and to ensure sanitation.
  7. The body shall be appropriately clothed to ensure the modesty and dignity of the individual with either a gown or appropriate clothing.
  8. As is necessary, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the protection of clothing or casket interiors from undue soiling and the shifting of the body during transportation.
  9. The transferring member shall use approved sturdy, appropriate transferring containers to ensure the protection of the body and/or casket.
  10. A completed, detailed embalming report shall be included.
  11. A follow-up evaluation via phone call or by using a written survey.