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Selected supports the women in funeral service by providing opportunities for them to share and learn from each other in various settings. Want more information or have something to share? Contact Stefanie Favia or call 800-323-4219.

July 2018

Women's Connections Program hosted by Panebaker Funeral Home

Selected presented a Women's Connections program hosted by Panebaker Funeral Home & Cremation Care Center in Hanover, PA. The gathering provided ample opportunity to learn, share and build relationships. 

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October 2018
Opportunities to Connect at Selected's 100th Annual Meeting, October 10-13 in Salt Lake City

Featured Breakout Session: Core Confidence: Fine-Tuning the Already Fabulous You
While once a male-dominated profession, funeral service is undergoing a transformation as increasing numbers of women enter the profession at all levels and in all roles. How do female funeral professionals integrate effectively? Motivational Comedian Karyn Ruth White believes it is our responsibility to teach the world how to treat us. This insightful and powerful "She-Note" will look at the core issues women hold around confidence and power in both their personal and professional lives. Issues such as verbal and visual power, self-image and "the sabotage habit" will be reviewed.

NEW! Buffet Lunch featuring Table Topics
Selected understands that sometimes you want to connect with people like you to share experiences or focus on specific topics. Watch for "Table Captains" who will be leading special interest groups for informal conversation while you eat or feel free to start your own table topic!

Learn more about the 100th Annual Meeting.


Sharing and learning from one another begins with connection. Now women employed at Selected member firms can locate and connect with one another by accessing the Women in Funeral Service Roster. The roster includes all North American members and provides firm address, website and contact name with phone number and email address to facilitate communication among the women of Selected. Selected members willing to serve as mentors are denoted in the above roster by a star next to their names.

View the Women in Funeral Service Roster. (coming soon)

Creating a Mentor Relationship

Most successful people have had lots of mentoring and support along the way and are happy to "give back" to others! Interested in developing a mentor relationship? Should you choose to pursue this valuable experience, there are strategies you can use to build the strongest, most effective mentoring relationships. Download the Mentor Concepts and Possibilities Document for some helpful information to assist you. Selected members willing to serve as mentors will be denoted in the above roster.

Contact Stefanie Favia if you'd like to be listed as a potential mentor on the roster or if you have any questions about the roster.

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Special Bulletin Editions

Check out this special Bulletin edition showcasing Selected women.

Featured Articles
Ongoing Study: Women in the Workplace
Highlights from an October 2017 report by LeanIn.org and McKinsey & Company.

Kraft-Sussman Leads Las Vegas Community in Caring Service
Wendy Kraft and Laura Sussman own and operate Kraft-Sussman Funeral & Cremation Services

Why Women Make Terrific Funeral Directors
Women tend to have great communication skills, which allow them to discern what their client families want.

Times Have Changed for Women in Funeral Service
"My husband and I have seen firsthand how our genders are viewed differently by families."

Being a Funeral Director from a Woman's Perspective
Eight women from Selected firms recently shared their insights on what it's like to be a woman in the profession.

Hiring and Retaining Women Today and in the Future
"Women are entering funeral service in record numbers more than ever before in the history of our profession."

Past Events

2016 Women's Roundtable, July 19-20, 2016 - St. Charles, MO
Hosted by Group 4
Our first-ever Women's Roundtable was a success! 26 female funeral professionals gathered for an inspirational presentation by Marguerite Ham.
A special thanks to:
Hosts: Tiffany Hofer, Reck Funeral Home, and Tiffany Gorman-Dean, Gorman Funeral Home
Location: Baue Funeral and Memorial Center, St. Charles, MO
Sponsor: Kelco Supply Company

Selected Women Featured!

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