European Meetings

European Meetings give members in Europe a chance to connect. They also are a valuable opportunity for North American members to attend and learn from professionals in another part of the world—often the new best practice or upcoming trend originates outside the U.S.!

Clare Austin

Highlights of the March 2017 Spring European Group Meeting

Hosted by Andrew McMullan of James McMullan & Son, the 2017 Spring Meeting was held at the Merchant Hotel near the Harland & Wolff shipyard, where RMS Titanic was built before it's fateful sailing. It was the ideal location for both meeting and socialising. Speakers included Billy Dixon an inspirational leader in Marketing, Branding and Image, who has worked with many international companies on improving customer service through confidence, trust and quality.

Also David McGowan, a Funeral Director in rural Ireland who has expanded his portfolio of businesses locally to include funerals and a recently launched ‘quirky accommodation campus’ – where people can stay in London taxis, London buses and even a Boeing 767!

Highlights of the November 2016 Autumn European Group Meeting

Approximately 36 members of the European Group of Selected Independent Funeral Homes convened at the 2016 Autumn European Conference on Nov. 8, 2016 at the Park Place Hotel. Darren Brown of Digital Autopsy provided a fascinating presentation on CT scanning the deceased, info transfer to 3D imaging software and how to interpret data.Open forum discussion focused on the issue of posting prices online. Most members said they either already do publish or intend to do so in the future.

Highlights of the June 2015 European Group Meeting

Approximately 60 members of the European Group of Selected Independent Funeral Homes convened at the 59th European Conference on June 27-30, 2015 at the Duke of Cornwall Hotel. Steeped in history and located in England’s beautiful South West, members enjoyed an excellent opportunity to connect and learn. Meeting sessions included a light-hearted talk by Peter Slack; a session with author Doctor Sheila Cassidy, who played a founding role introducing Palliative care in Plymouth and its surrounding areas; and thoughts from inspirational speaker Nick Fewings on unleashing your potential and inspiring transformational leadership within the workplace. 

Future Meetings

European Autumn Meeting 2017  

14 November, 2017 | Sheraton Park Tower, London

European Spring Meeting 2018  

24 March, 2018 | The Grosvenor Hotel, Chester, England. Hosted by Simon & Louise Williams, CJ Williams Funeral Service.

European Group Conference 2018  

22 - 26 June 2018 | Hanbury Manor Country Retreat, Hertfordshire, England. Hosted by Claire Austin, Austin's Family Funeral Directors. Click here to watch a preview video of the location, amenities and conference offerings.  

For more information on the European Group, contact Iain Steel, European Group Secretary. 

Past Meetings

31 March- 1 April 2017 - Belfast, Northern Ireland
8 November 2016 - London, England
2-5 July 2016 - Cheltenham, England
19 March 2016 - Brighton, England
10 November 2015 - London, England
27-30 June 2015 - Devon, England
18 November 2014 - London, England
12–15 June 2014 - Trondheim, Norway
29 March 2014 - North Kilworth, England
12 November 2013 - London, England
15–18 June 2013 - Nottingham, England
9–10 March 2012 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
14–17 June 2012 - Eastbourne, England

European Group Contact

For more information about Selected's European Group, please contact:

Iain Steel, European Group Secretary
Richard Steel & Partners Ltd., Winchester, England
Telephone: 01962 86233