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ASD (Answering Service for Directors)

108 Chesley Dr., PA, USA, 19063
You can rest easy knowing we're well equipped to handle calls during any emergency. Our oversized diesel-powered generator keeps us operating, without any disruption in service--and we test it weekly, just to be sure. We're located well above any floodplain, adjacent to the Borough of Media, a suburb of Philadelphia. If the impossible does occur, we're still prepared-- with redundant UPS battery backup units that keep your information safe.

Our pricing plans are based on the amount of calls handled per month-- from 50 to several hundred-- and we include an extensive package of additional services for free. These include message recording and playback, online account management, caller ID specifying death and urgent calls, and a Web portal for easy updating of obituaries and scheduled services. We can even answer your cell phone calls if you're out of service range or don't answer by the third or fourth ring. Nights, weekends, and holidays-- we're always ready to take your calls, and we never charge overtime.


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