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Beta Capital Corp.

4007 Seaboard Court, Suite 1, VA, USA, 23701
(800) 430-7935
(757) 488-7315
Beta Capital Corp. was formed in 1997. We are beginning our 13th year of processing life insurance assignments for funeral homes. Our mission statement then and now is to reduce receivables for our funeral home customers and to get them out of the expense of verifying life insurance polices so they can spend their time on more profitable functions.

The process is quite simple:

1.The funeral home faxes the advance request form to Beta Capital. Beta Capital immediately faxes an insurance claim form to the funeral home.

2.Beta approves the claim and notifies the funeral home. The funeral home faxes copies of the forms to Beta.

3.Beta pays the funeral home immediately.

4.The funeral home overnights the original forms to Beta in a United Parcel envelope provided by Beta Capital.

•Beta Capital will pay the funeral home within 24 hours of verification of the life insurance coverage on the deceased. On average 50% of claims are paid the same day that Beta Capital receives the request.

•All Beta cases are non recourse to the funeral home once the insurance company verifies the coverage and the proper forms are faxed to Bata Capital.

•Beta Capital’s fee is 4.75% of the assignment. For large volume customers, the standard fee can be reduced.

•The fee actually amounts to your average credit card fee.

Contact: John B. Hudson, Jr.


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