Headquarters Staff

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Donna Anderson
Administrative Assistant

  • Family Follow-up Survey Program
  • Management Comparative Program
  • Selected Resources Program
  • Annual Report
  • Preferred Partner Program Support
  • Headquarters Office General Support

Donna is a long-time member of the Selected and NSM staff. She works to provide assistance and support for Selected’s member programs. Donna also utilizes her top-notch administrative skills by providing general office, vendor and leadership support.

Dan Beavers

Dan Beavers
Member Programs Manager

  • Selected Study Groups Program
  • Selected Transfer Services Program
  • Selected Resources Program
  • Family Follow-Up Survey Program
  • Management Comparative Program

Dan brings more than twelve years of customer service and member support experience to Selected. He helps educate members about Selected’s programs and responds to member inquires, tackles questions and handles requests for member assistance. Dan also assists with ongoing program administration, evaluation and research efforts.

Pam Butenshen

Pam Butenshen
Membership/Data Analyst

  • Member Recommendations
  • New Member Balloting
  • Member Data
  • Membership Updates

Pam brings more than 20 years of association membership experience to Selected. She provides support to our membership recruitment and retention activities. Pam works closely with the Director of Member Engagement to manage member prospects and their referral sources to strengthen our relationships with future members and current members who provide membership recommendations.


Stefanie Favia
Partners and Meetings Manager

  • Preferred Partner Program
  • Continuing Education
  • Group Roundtables
  • NextGen Professional of the Year Program

Stefanie serves as the liaison between Selected members and the ever-growing roster of companies and service providers that comprise Selected’s Preferred Partner Program. Her goal is to connect Selected members with the perfect solution or product that fits their needs. She also supports Meetings and Education by processing meeting registrations, applying for and tracking continuing education, coordinating Group Roundtable Meetings, and shepherding the NextGen Professional of the Year Award.


Gina Florzak
Marketing and Communications Manager

  • Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Member Marketing Resource
  • Social Media Campaigns and Media Relations
  • Communications Calendar

Gina brings an extensive knowledge of marketing, communications, advertising and public relations to Selected. She is charged with managing Selected’s marketing and communications activities which includes building effective marketing and digital plans, print and online campaign management and monitoring brand image. Gina promotes Selected member benefits, meetings and programs through intentional and purposeful marketing strategies.

Marc Frankowski

Marc Frankowski
Creative & Collaboration Director

  • Design of Printed & Web-Based Materials
  • Website Administrator
  • Office Culture & Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • In-House Printing
  • Video Editing
  • Signature Program
  • Communications Project Support

Marc works to keep members informed about association and membership news through print and electronic media. He has a background in graphic design as well as a film and television.

Daniel Hug

Daniel Hug
Membership Development Director

  • Member Recommendations
  • New Member Support

Daniel came to Selected with an extensive background in membership recruitment, retention, customer service and marketing. Most recently his professional focus has been on membership recruitment which is his primary role here at Selected. Building the size and scope of the membership base is his goal. He drives the growth strategy by identifying firms that meet Selected standards and works closely with existing members to discover firms that could both benefit and contribute to the association.

Amy Hunt

Amy Hunt
Director of Meetings and Education

  • Educational Planning
  • Meeting Planning
  • Speaker Contracts
  • Hotel Contracts
  • Selected Leadership Academy

Amy is responsible for all of Selected's meetings and educational programming, including the Annual Meeting, NextGen Seminar, Spring Management Summit,Group Roundtable Meetings and Selected Connections programs—nearly 30 events sponsored each year by the association. Amy works closely with the Board of Directors, Programming Work Group, Leadership Council and NextGen Advisory Group to create meeting experiences that emphasize take-home value and foster increased interaction among members. Amy invites suggestions and feedback from all members in order to continually evolve and improve Selected's meeting offerings.


Patty Neuswanger
Member Engagement Director

  • Member Engagement, Support & Education
  • New Member Onboarding
  • Communities
  • Firm Data Integrity
  • Member Feedback

Patty brings a wealth of nonprofit and corporate experience in marketing, communications, public and media relations, sales and publishing. Her goal is to help members identify and leverage the many benefits available through membership and connect the dots between member needs and how Selected can provide solutions. Patty also oversees Selected’s marketing and communications strategy.


Robert Paterkiewicz
Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

  • Spokesperson for Selected
  • Headquarter Administration
  • Preferred Partner Program
  • Annual Operating Budget
  • Allied Relations and Representation
  • Strategic Planning

Rob is a seasoned association executive with over 27 years experience from management and leadership positions within various trade and professional associations. His professional background and extensive hands-on experience with the difficulties and challenges faced by members ensures that he is ready and able to assist you in whatever need you may have. As the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Selected, Rob serves as the chief administrator and is ultimately responsible for all functions of the association. He supervises all staff and headquarters activities and is responsible for the formulation, implementation and evaluation of all programs and services offered through Selected.

Sarah Pojanowski

Sarah Pojanowski
General Counsel

  • Legal Counsel
  • Member Consultation
  • Funeral Rule Matters

Sarah began working on matters for Selected Independent Funeral Homes while working with Michael Cohen on a wide variety of litigation, government investigation and counseling matters. She continued with a particular focus on antitrust and trade regulation issues, including issues facing trade associations. She has significant experience in the law pertaining to nonprofit trade associations.

zoephel denise web

Denise Zoephel
Assistant Executive Director


  • Selected Study Groups Program
  • Family Follow-Up Survey Program
  • Human Resources
  • Headquarters Administration

Denise oversees all aspects of Seleted’s member programs and services. She works closely with members to help educate them on program benefits and to ensure they get the most out of their participation. Denise encourages member feedback and program enhancement suggestions. She has extensive knowledge of strategic planning, human resources, sales and marketing through previous positions held at both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

bea pedersen

Leslie Kowalczyk
Educational Trust Programs Coordinator

  • Marketing
  • Institute for Exceptional Funeral Service

Leslie fulfills two vitally important roles for the Trust. First, as Registrar of the Trust’s distance-learning program, the Institute for Exceptional Funeral Service, she manages the online, skills enhancement educational program. She also handles all marketing and promotional responsibilities for the Trust and the Institute. She comes to the Trust with nearly ten years of administrative and customer service experience in the distance-learning arena. She has managed a system of 120 online courses in collaboration with more than 300 partnering organizations serving up to 1,000 student annually.