Selected is committed to providing relevant opportunities tailored to the needs and interests of our members. Our programs are designed to support our members and the work they do. We encourage participation by all firms and their staff and welcome suggestions and feedback on our offerings.

The Forum

The Forum at Selected is your opportunity to access the knowledge of hundreds of peers with a combined tens of thousands of years experience, any time of the day or night.
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Selected Study Groups

Selected Study Groups brings together owners, future owners and officers to share real-world best practices, fresh perspectives and insightful analysis to help each other improve their businesses and lives. + More

Selected Leadership Academy

The Academy is a personalized journey for those, no matter title or position, who believe their leadership matters and choose to become better. + More

Selected Transfer Services (STS)

Selected Transfer Services (STS) provides members with a network of Selected member firms who are committed to offering each other timely, efficient, and quality service in transfer, embalming and cremation, at a reduced rate. + More

Family Follow-Up Survey

Selected’s Family Follow-Up Survey Program gives you meaningful feedback from families about their experience with your firm. + More

Management Comparative Program

The Management Comparative Program lets you analyze your firm’s finances and case volume to see how they stack up to your peers. + More