Funeral Home Cemetery Management

Selected’s Funeral Home + Cemetery Management Community provides combo firms and those managing or considering the purchase of a cemetery, opportunities for best practice sharing, education and networking opportunities.

What Opportunities are Available?

  • Exclusive networking sessions at Selected’s Annual Meeting
  • Access to a Combo Owner Roster to connect year-round with other Selected members
  • Member spotlights showcasing cemeteries and facilities with unique stories
  • Discussion Forum for conversations particular to funeral home and cemetery management
  • Shared resources specifically for Combo Owners

Ready to Learn More?

Want to Talk About It?

Email Member Engagement or call (800) 323-4219.

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Behind the Scenes

Preferred Partner Tukios web series takes you behind the scenes by showcasing member firms Larkin Mortuary, Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapels, Flanner Buchanan and Mothe Funeral Homes with interesting properties and unique stories.