Women in Funeral Service

Selected’s Women in Funeral Service Community provides resources, connections and support for all women of Selected Independent Funeral Homes to excel as empowered leaders in their firms, their communities and in the profession.

How Will It Help Me?

  • Build and develop relationships by utilizing a live and up-to-date roster of all of the women at Selected member firms
  • Strengthen and deepen these connections with mentorship
  • Connect with each other in person at various meetings and featured presentations

Get Started

Have Questions? Want to be a Mentor?

Most successful people have had lots of mentoring and support along the way and are happy to "give back" to others! Interested in developing a mentor relationship? Should you choose to pursue this valuable experience, there are strategies you can use to build the strongest, most effective mentoring relationships. Download the Mentor Concepts and Possibilities Document for some helpful information to assist you. Selected members willing to serve as mentors will be denoted in the above roster.

Email Headquarters or call (800) 323-4219 if you'd like to be listed as a potential mentor on the roster or if you have any questions about the roster.

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