Selected Study Groups

Where Do You Go to Discuss Your Most Pressing
Challenges and Opportunities?

Selected Study Groups bring together owners, future owners and officers to share real-world best practices, fresh perspectives and insightful analysis to help each other improve their businesses and lives. These groups provide a place to talk about issues in an environment that is safe and confidential. The collective wisdom gained by participating in a Selected Study Group leads to smarter decisions, improved performance and better work-life balance.

How Will It Help Me?

Review Financials. You will complete the Statistical and Financial Analysis Tool, an in-depth look at your firm's financials, case volume and labor data. Participants work to address the findings with their Group.

Discuss Operational Performance. You will devote extensive time to addressing operational challenges within your firm. Benefit from candid feedback, voices of experience, and proven best practices to help each firm maximize its service to the community.

Engage in Valuable Conversations. In addition to conference calls, you will meet in the spring for an intensive, multi-day discussion of finance, goals, the state of funeral service and more. Some Groups visit each other's firms to provide feedback on facilities and procedures, while others choose resort type destinations.

Fall meetings are held at the site of Selected's Annual Meeting and include the exclusive All-Groups Luncheon featuring a keynote speaker and Best Practice Exchange. You will gain new ideas and practical suggestions to implement at your firm right away.

Access to Subject Matter Experts. You will have access to industry consultants, Selected's Legal Counsel and Preferred Partners who can answer your most pressing questions and share their knowledge with your Group on a variety of topics.

Want to Talk About It?

Contact Denise Zoephel or Dan Beavers at 800-323-4219 with questions or comments.

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