The Selected Leadership Academy is not just another leadership training program. It’s a personalized journey for those, no matter title or position, who believe their leadership matters and choose to become better.

Congratulations go out to COVID Crusaders (2020-2022 Class) on graduating from the Selected Leadership Academy!

COVID Crusaders Class Photo

WELCOME TO Emergency DISCmount (2022-2024 CLASS)!

Emergency DISCmount Class Photo

Pictured standing left to right: Trinity Montoya, Ryan Hughes, Samantha Kennedy, Pierce Drobney, Stacey Miller, Anthony Asta, Evan Strong and Brian Ruth; sitting left to right, Missy Anderson, Jason Smith, Katelyn Stampanato; on laptop, Rachel Durbeck and Ricky Mansfield

For 10 years, the Selected Leadership Academy has focused on building and supporting leaders, no matter their position or title. It’s a credit to the association and all our members that leadership is so deeply woven into the fabric of Selected’s culture. Below are the members who have made the decision to intentionally focus on growing their leadership skills by enrolling in the 2022-2024 Class.

How Will It Help Me?

Since learning how to lead is an ongoing task, the Academy brings together Selected members interested in continually building their leadership skills to engage and grow in a variety of ways including:

  • Interactive Zoom calls designed to spark insight and create foundational leadership knowledge.
  • Personal attention and tailored coaching through private, professional calls with the Academy Dean to dig into what is most relevant to each class member and how to use it in everyday life.
  • Creating connections with colleagues both in your class (which are limited to no more than 15) as well as Academy alumni who can relate to the unique challenges of the funeral service profession.
  • Access to respected Selected leaders in informal settings plus an opportunity to create a more structured mentor relationship.

Want to Talk About It?

Contact Amy Hunt, Director of Meetings and Education at 800-323-4219.