Selected is all about Connecting Leaders. Our communities take this to a deeper level, joining members with similar interests who address specific needs and challenges, share best practices and celebrate successes. Add even more value to your membership by participating in our communities.

FirstGen Opportunities

Being a first generation funeral home owner means unique challenges and a different background than most multi-generational owners. Selected recognizes these differences and is committed to providing FirstGen owners with a chance to connect, share and learn from each other in a supportive way. + More

NextGen Opportunities

Selected's NextGen Opportunities are designed to infuse energy, inspiration and motivation to these up-and-coming leaders by providing multiple opportunities to forge lifelong relationships with their counterparts throughout the world. + More

Funeral Home + Cemetery Management

One of the unique segments of our membership are the firms who operate both a funeral home and a cemetery. Selected supports these members by providing opportunities to share and learn from each other in various settings and by showcasing best practices.
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Women in Funeral Service

Selected supports the women in funeral service by providing opportunities for them to connect with and learn from one another in various settings. + More

The Forum & Forum FOCUS: Linking Leaders

The Forum at Selected is your opportunity to access the knowledge of hundreds of peers with a combined tens of thousands of years experience, any time of the day or night.
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