As a member of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, you have access to a wide range of support materials. The Selected Solutions Toolkits provide access to specific information that is available to members only. If you need assistance or additional information, please contact the Headquarters office at 800-323-4219 or

Selected Acquisition Marketplace

This opportunity offers Selected members a chance to connect privately, whether they are selling their funeral home to another independent or interested in buying a firm. + More

Best Practices Exchange

This Best Practices Exchange (BPX) is a members-only knowledgebase containing best practices shared by fellow members, presented at association meetings and published by Selected. + More

Talk of a Lifetime

Efforts continue to be made and word about the Have the Talk of a Lifetime consumer education campaign is spreading quickly through extensive marketing, advertising and communications. + More

Selected Business Solutions

The Selected Business Solutions Toolkits provide easy access to resources by subject area making it more convenient to find what you are looking for. These toolkits cover a wide variety of topics from various sources, including materials shared by other Selected members. + More

Selected Member Logos

Selected’s logo files are provided for use only by member firms. If you need assistance, or if you have questions regarding proper use of the Selected Independent Funeral Homes name and logo in your firm's advertising and publicity, please contact Selected at 800-323-4219. + More