Family Follow-up Survey

What it Is

Reputation and performance matter. Selected’s Family Follow-Up Survey Program gives you meaningful feedback from families about their experience with your firm. By participating in the program, you can:

  • Cement a positive relationship with families
  • Learn first-hand from clients how well your staff is performing
  • Identify operational strengths and weaknesses
  • Fuel your reputation management efforts with real comments from satisfied clients
  • Recognize staff for high achievements
  • Know what corrective action is needed to improve your team’s performance

How it Works

By signing up, you will receive 50 free, customized survey sets, each including a survey form, postage-paid return envelope and cover letter. You distribute the forms. Families can complete the hardcopy or online survey. Completed surveys are documented and reported monthly on a private, secure online portal.

You can supplement the program to:

  • Track by arrangers
  • Purchase additional surveys
  • Monitor all your locations

Want to Talk About It?

Contact Dan Beavers at 800-323-4219.