European Meetings

European Meetings give members in Europe a chance to connect. They also are a valuable opportunity for North American members to attend and learn from professionals in another part of the world—often the new best practice or upcoming trend originates outside the U.S.!

Euro Meeting
European Chairman, Michael Schutt (l) of Seemann & Sohne
in Hamburg, Germany passes the torch to Derek Case
of Mortons Funeral Directors of Birmingham, England.

Highlights of the November 2018 Autumn European Group Meeting

The European Group of Selected met recently in London for their Autumn Meeting. Our speaker was Mr Dickie Arbiter LVO, former Press Secretary to Her Majesty The Queen who talked about the monarchy past and present, the media and state funerals including that of Princess Diana. (which was handled by an SIFH member in London) The Chairmanship passed from Michael Schütt of Hamburg, Germany to Derek Case of Birmingham, England for 2018/19.

European Spring Meeting 2019

8-10 March  |  Luneberg, Germany | Hosted by Britta Paulsen [ click here for details]

European Summer Meeting 2019

13-16 June  |  Marlow-on-Thames, England | Hosted by Julian & Matthew Walker[ click here for details]

For more information on the European Group, contact Iain Steel, European Group Secretary. 

European Group Contact

For more information about Selected's European Group, please contact:

Iain Steel, European Group Secretary
Richard Steel & Partners Ltd., Winchester, England
Telephone: 01962 86233