The Management
Comparative Program

Compare Your Financial Performance to Selected Peers

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When you submit your survey, you will receive a Management Comparative Report at no cost. The report analyzes your firm's financial data and compares your performance to similar Selected firms. Your data is kept confidential. The survey is open from April 1 through May 31, with reports distributed to members in July.

"Over the years, the Management Comparative Program has focused our attention to several areas for improvement in our operations. Making corrections is no easy feat, but at least we know where to begin."

-Belinda Hopkins, J. Henry Stuhr, Inc., Mt. Pleasant, SC

Program Highlights

30-Page Report
You receive a comprehensive, detailed report featuring easy-to-follow charts and graphs with helpful narrative explanation. See what your financial strengths and weaknesses were, and how they stack up to your peers.

Bonus Benchmark Report
If you have participated in prior years, you also receive a Benchmark Report showing year-to-year data . The Benchmark Report can be used for monitoring, evaluation and strategic planning efforts.

Easy to Complete on Your Own or with Your Accounting Firm
Most survey information can be completed using your financial documents or by contacting your accounting firm. Clients of Federated Funeral Directors of America, Johnson Consulting Group or SRS Computing can simply contact them as they already know what is needed.

Discover Trends
Review analysis of combined data from past years to learn about trends among Selected member firms. Click here to see report highlights.


Please contact Selected Headquarters at 800-323-4219 for more information or assistance.