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"Creating a powerful business begins with understanding financials and cash flow. The Management Comparative Program helps me do that in a way that is easy to understand."

-Brad Speaks, Speaks Family Legacy Chapels, Inc., Independence, MO

Past Year Highlights

Review analysis of combined data from past years to learn about trends among Selected member firms. Click here to see report highlights.

New And Improved

Based on member feedback, the Management Comparative Report has been upgraded with sharper graphics and new chart types that allow you to better visualize and understand your data.

What Is It?

The Management Comparative Program lets you analyze your firm’s finances and case volume to see how they stack up to your peers. There is no cost, just complete a simple survey and get a report detailing how your firm compares to others with similar call volume, geography and population.

What Information Will I Need?

Answers to the survey questions should already be compiled in your year-end or tax documents. You will provide figures for the following areas:

• Case volume
• Casket and vault sales, accounts receivable balance, preneed sales, and labor hours
• Revenue and discounts
• Expenses

Clients of Federated Funeral Directors of America and Johnson Consulting Group can contact their provider for survey data.

What Will I Learn?

Participating firms receive their reports in July. Your Management Comparative Report will provide answers to valuable questions such as:

• Are my days in accounts receivable too high?
• Am I spending too many employee hours per case?
• Are my preneed sales on par with my peers?
• Are the trends at my firm part of a larger change in the profession, or are they specific to my service area?

Findings will help you identify areas for improvement, or validate the systems you already have in place.


Please contact Selected Headquarters at 800-323-4219 for more information or assistance.

Impact Your Business

How will the Management Comparative Program help your firm?

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