Breakout Sessions:
Strategy and Perspective

Pandemic Perspectives

(Offered in person only.)

Featruing: Marguerite Ham, Owner of Igniting Success and Dean of the Selected Leadership Academy.

COVID-19 sparked a landslide of change that still has significant repercussions, both professionally and personally. Since the pandemic’s onset, funeral professionals suffered a tremendous amount of extra stress and pressure in a profession that already comes with stress and pressure in “normal” times. If you felt overwhelmed, you are not alone. Marguerite Ham, Igniting Success and Dean of the Selected Leadership Academy, has a deep understanding of and respect for funeral service. During this exceptionally interactive session, she’ll invite participants to share your pandemic stories and offer her expertise on ways to build resilience and create a positive focus for the future. You owe it to yourself and your staff team to strive to be healthy – physically and mentally. Your client families and communities need you!

Adapting Your Business Model:
A Reimagined Funeral and Cemetery Profession

(Offered in person only.)

Featuring: Chris Cruger (L), CEO of The Foresight Companies and John McQueen (R), Director of Client Experience at The Foresight Companies

The pandemic has proven to have permanent implications on our profession, from the buying and shopping process, to the necessity of physically attending services, to the influence of technology. In this time of uncertainty, confusion and dramatic change, The Foresight Companies conducted a study of consumers to put empirical data behind the speculative trends about how COVID-19 will impact the funeral and cemetery industry – both in the short term and the long term. In this timely session, Chris Cruger and John McQueen will highlight the key findings of the study (first conducted in 2020 with a follow up to be conducted in 2021) and share insights on how the business model must evolve and adapt to the “new norm” in order to best serve the evolving needs of client families.

Tackling Your Top Legal and Human Resources Topics

(Offered in person and on the Virtual Meeting Platform.)

Featuring: Sarah Pojanowski (L), General Counsel at Selected; Candace Fisher (Center), Certified Coach and Director of Organizational Development at HR Source; and Carley Gueli (R), Director of Human Resources at Schoedinger & Co.

Human Resources and Legal topics always have been two areas of vital importance to funeral firms. Add a worldwide pandemic into the mix, and these areas have only increased in importance! Sarah Pojanowski, Selected’s General Counsel; Candace Fisher, Director of Organizational Development for HR Source and Carley Gueli, Director of Human Resources for Schoedinger & Company, will share insight into the hot and emerging topics you need to know about as well as invite participants to ask questions and share your perspectives. In this highly interactive session, our panel of experts will highlight the areas you need to monitor to help you maintain a thriving business that ultimately allows your firm to better serve your client families and communities.

Ensuring the Future of Your Firm
with the Right Succession Plan

(Offered in person and on the Virtual Meeting Platform.)

Featuring: Tim Bridgers, (L) SVP – Head of Funeral Home & Cemetery Lending at Live Oak Bank; Jake Johnson, (Center) President and CEO of Johnson Consulting Group; and Jim Busch, (R) Owner and President of Busch Funeral and Crematory Services

Facilitated by Rob Paterkiewicz, Executive Director/CEO of Selected

The impact small businesses have is tremendous, and the survival of small businesses like funeral homes has a profound impact on communities and client families. One of the most critical transitions for businesses is changing ownership. Unfortunately, succession planning is often one of the most avoided and difficult topics—especially in family businesses. Rob Paterkiewicz, Selected Executive Director & CEO, will facilitate this eye-opening, encouraging and, perhaps, sometimes uncomfortable, review of actual succession planning case studies from funeral firms as well as insight into a variety of succession planning options. Featuring a respected panel, participants will hear valuable suggestions and guidance to avoid pitfalls and mistakes that can damage the firm. Ultimately, this will allow you and your staff team to stay focused on your number one priority: serving client families and communities.