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When I attend the Selected Annual Meeting, I arrive as a wrung-out sponge and drop myself into the pool of knowledge and absorb everything I can.

Bob Milward, Sr.
Milward Funeral Directors, Inc.
Lexington, KY

2021 was my first Selected Annual Meeting so I wanted to attend as many of the sessions as possible. Every one that I attended was very well done. The speakers were engaging, informative and thought provoking. Cannot recommend attending enough.

JimmiAnne Lowe Ellington
Lowe Funeral Home & Crematory
Burlington, NC

I thought the camaraderie of everyone was so nice to see. Everyone was so inviting and welcoming to visit and the ability to meet new friends and to be able to renew old friendships was well worth the effort and cost.

Charles Rader
LeRoy Rader Funeral Home, Inc.
Longview, TX