Spring Management Summit

Selected is excited to announce that the Spring Management Summit will be reimagined as a virtual online meeting in 2022. The meeting will be named the Forum FOCUS: Expert Edition and will feature sessions with professional speakers and Preferred Partner experts along with Selected member interaction. In addition, Selected will apply for continuing education credit for the sessions to the Academy of Professional Funeral Service and states requiring CE.

Selected has been proud to offer the Spring Management Summit for the past 10 years and is grateful to all our members who have participated, with special recognition going to Scott Carter, Hanner Funeral Service in Atlanta, TX, who was the only Selected member to participate in all 10 Summits offered! Selected also would like to thank our Preferred Partners who have supported the Summit with their generous sponsorship and participation over the years.

The Spring Management Summit created valuable experiences and lasting memories. As this chapter closes and the Forum FOCUS: Expert Edition begins, Selected is excited for all our meeting offerings and the continued opportunity they provide to help fulfill our mission of Connecting Leaders. Transforming Care.TM