Board of Directors

Kimberly Farris-Luke


Farris Funeral
Service, Inc.
Abingdon, VA
Group 3
Term: 2016-2019

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson, Jr
Joe Jackson
Funeral Chapel
Laredo TX
Group 5
Term: 2016-2019

Art Erikson

Arthur Erickson
Beecher & Bennett
Funeral Service
Hamden, CT
Group 1
Term: 2017-2020

Jake Johnsone

Jake Johnson
Menke Funeral Home
& Cremation Center
Sun City, AZ
Group 6
Term: 2017-2020

Eric Trimble

Eric R. Trimble
Trimble Funeral Home & Crematory
Moline, IL
Group 4
Term: 2018-2021

Paul St Pierre

Paul St. Pierre
Wilson St. Pierre Funeral Service & Crematory
Greenwood, IN
Group 2
Term: 2018-2021

Chip Billow

Ex Officio
Charles M. "Chip" Billow

The BIllow Funeral
Homes and Crematory.
Akron, OH
Group 2
Term: 2015-2018

Want to Nominate Yourself or Another Funeral Professional to Serve on the Board?

We are always in search of members who are willing to serve in this important leadership role. The Board Director nomination period typically opens in November and closes at the end of February. If you would like to discuss serving or nominating a member to serve please contact Executive Director & CEO Rob Paterkiewicz.