Homeland International

Rampion House
Marchants Way
Burgess Hill, RH15 8QY
United Kingdom


Samuel Tester
+44 (0) 3300 417 265


Transfer Services, Shipping

Company Description:

Homeland International provide repatriation services all over the world. We have extensive knowledge within the worldwide funeral and repatriation sectors.

We have been supporting bereaved families for more than 325 years and are here to support anybody, wherever they may find themselves across the world. Our experienced and specialist team are able to provide practical advice, care and guidance to individuals looking to repatriate a loved one as well as working closely with; corporate clients, Government organisations and funeral directors who may be arranging repatriations on behalf of their clients.

Our service is truly international with access to a worldwide network of funeral directors through our years of experience and many membership organisations with whom we are proudly part of.