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Bakersfield, CA

One wonders what kind of funeral establishment would be so beloved by a community that it repeatedly wins its town’s “Best of” category title year after year after year? Indeed, Greenlawn Funeral Homes & Cemeteries has garnered the Bakersfield Californian’s “Best of Bakersfield” title 12 consecutive years, competing against three other local cemeteries and over a dozen funeral homes. For locals, however, there is no big mystery. The 90-year-old firm, under the visionary leadership of president Jim La Mar, has been one of the most engaged, visible, and respected enterprises in their community.

“We’re here to do the right thing,” Mr. La Mar often says in public speeches, staff development meetings, community events and conversations with other community leaders. He has lived by that code and has converted it into action every day since arriving at Greenlawn in 2009.

Over the years, Greenlawn, which has two cemetery locations in Bakersfield, has taken a significantly proactive role in the community, while aggressively expanding its own internal capabilities and facilities to serve not just Bakersfield families today, but with an eye toward what they might likely need in the future. New properties, new programs, new services and an ongoing commitment to family wellbeing have earned them a premier place in the hearts of local residents.

With its commitment to serving the growing cremation market, developing partnerships with local non-profit and veterans associations, and being the community’s anchor last responder facility during the pandemic, Greenlawn’s business, both in pre-need and at-need, has surpassed all competitors in the Bakersfield market.

In short, Greenlawn isn’t just a cemetery, isn’t just a successful combo operation, it is part of the very soul and culture of the community it serves. It doesn’t just look to the past as it memorializes those who have departed, it is constantly looking for new ways to innovate, further embrace its community

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