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“There is a right way to do death […] and no one is more equipped, better positioned, or more knowledgeable in how to guide a family through that ‘right way’ than you.” (Layer, 2020)

Then why does it feel like a jungle out there? Changing GPLs, increasing customer demand for convenience and speed, and new and challenging internal dynamics make a funeral home owner’s day long and hard. You may ask yourself several times throughout a day, are we operating out of fear? Are we fighting every day just to keep the lights on? Does my team remember the true purpose of their jobs? And possibly most important, am I alone?

Welcome to Measure Up.

This year, Selected Independent Funeral Homes has partnered with McKee Wallwork to create a first-of-its-kind program that seeks to determine your firm’s health as measured against the health of your peers. We go deeper than black and white financials. For the first time in the death care profession, we will identify correlations with the health of your culture and staff with the health of your bottom line.

We know you face many challenges in your day. By linking these two health reports together, we will gain perspective on some of the many obstacles that you, and your peers, face every day. Things like recruitment. Family (and staff) satisfaction. Financial hurdles.

We want you to participate. We’ve streamlined past years’ Management Comparative Programs to create a financial questionnaire that is easy to use and easy to complete, and in turn created a short 3-minute survey that will tell us all we need to know about your organization’s cultural health.

Measure Up results will be presented by Jonathan Lewis, president of McKee Wallwork, at our Annual Meeting this year in Washington DC. Soon after, you’ll receive your personalized report.